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Welcome to the blog. This is the right place to be, if you are interested in Public Affairs.


As you are here to read and learn about Public Affairs, I will keep the intro about the format of the blog short and sweet: The format for the blog is quite simple. The PA pros that have been invited to blog only have to answer 20-30 questions about themselves and their habits.


So the basic idea of the blog is to invite a new PA pro each week to answer the questions and give the readers a glimpse of what Public Affairs is really about – and hopefully provide a more realistic view of what it really is: honest and hard work! It is about learning from good or bad habits from our peers. Small things, as well as bigger things.


One last important point to stress is that I really want the blog to be honest and genuine. So I instruct all bloggers to be honest and not to show off. They are chosen because they are among the best in the industry, so I encourage honest and down to earth answers. If there are questions they don’t want to answer that is perfectly fine. If they feel something is missing, they can add it.


Thats it. So no need to explain more. Lets go PA pros!


Thx for reading,


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