About the Public Affairs Engine

Why is the site called “the Public Affairs Engine”..?

Because it is named after the guide The Public Affairs Engine, which I wrote in 2020. The guide was based on 500 conversations I had with more than 500 Public Affairs professionals from 2015-2020.


The title of the guide I think encapsulates, what it is, we as PA pros should aim for: build and turn the Public Affairs function into a vital engine that (em)powers and fuels the rest of the organization. I personally believe that we, in the industry, could and should do more to bring Public Affairs out of the reactive, fire distinguisher-role of the 60s and 70s.


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About the author

Anders Kopp Jensen is the author of the Public Affairs Engine. 10+ experience from politics and Public Affairs both on the consultancy side as well as inhouse. Anders is also the co-founder and CEO of Ulobby, a technology company building software for Public Affairs professionals. Anders is also a lecturer in Public Affairs.