A guide on how to build & fuel the Public Affairs Engine in your organisation

As political risk and uncertainty rises, Public Affairs is uniquely suited to assume a more business critical position as the value at stake from regulatory intervention is enormous. But this opportunity also comes with increasing expectations. And the challenge is, that many CEO’s aren’t seeing the impact of Public Affairs.

Public Affairs professionals struggle to legitimize their work and show that they are actively contributing to the business objectives and that they fit in to the overall organizational structure. But they must drive this change themselves, instead of waiting for it to happen.

The Public Affairs Engine is a how-to-guide for Public Affairs professionals on how to build and turn the Public Affairs function into a vital engine that supports and fuels the rest of the organization. Spoiler alert: It’s not just about networking and euros.


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About the author

Anders Kopp Jensen is the author of the Public Affairs Engine. 10+ experience from politics and Public Affairs both on the consultancy side as well as inhouse. Anders is also the co-founder and CEO of Ulobby, a technology company building software for Public Affairs professionals.