Let’s raise the the bar in Public Affairs┬átogether

Welcome to the Public Affairs Engine website! This is the site where you get updated on the recent developments in the world of Public Affairs. Weekly blogs with insights from some of the smartest PA pros from around the world. The Persuaders Podcast makes sure you also have something to listen to when you are commuting. And if you have extra time, we will also offer more theoretical deep dives on Public Affairs.

The mission of this site is simply to contribute to demystify Public Affairs and make it more transparent. This is not about sharing all our business-secrets or publishing our notes online. But if we don’t try to make our discipline a bit more open both internally and externally, we cannot raise the bar for what Public Affairs is actually capable of doing in and for corporates, NGO’s, IO’s and society as a whole. And if we do not raise the bar, the discipline risks becoming marginalized and eventually cut from both the organizational chart as well as from the university course materials .


So let’s work to raise the bar in Public Affairs as the discipline and the people in it have much to offer in a world with increasing insecurity, regulation and expectations from decision-makers, consumers and voters.

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